I love everything related to parenthood, the art of living and design. Cocooning is my way of life.

So I joined my talents and my interests to create Sauge & Co.

Spring 2019

Being a mother of 4 children, I wanted to offer decorative and unique products that look like me, that are handmade, and that, from natural fibers. Sauge et co was born, quite simply, one early morning in 2019. It was when I started making items for my children and my loved ones that the idea of launching my company was born, given the enthusiasm for my products.< /p>

At home

Most of the manufacturing is done at home. This allows me to be present for my children both in the morning, after school and during holidays. I try to be as much as possible in harmony with my environment and to have a work/family balance close to my values. I have the privilege of living in nature in the peaceful municipality of Eastman in Quebec.