Very large blanket crème brûlée | Ecru lace


This certified blanket GOTS and made of cotton muslin layersgauze ” this which makes it ultra soft andmaintains the breathable property ofmuslin. It can be used during the day hot and cold because it keeps the child’s body temperature. Athin stripofecru cottonlace ispresentat the4 sides. Make thisblanket yourchild’scomforter,itis amust ” to have.

130 x 130 cm (approximate)

* Take note that when the blanket is washed and dried it will lose approximately 15% in size

** Always check the condition of the blanket so that it is safe for the child. Always keep the blanket over the shoulders or lower, never in the face.



Each Sauge & co product is meticulously handmade from home in my sewing studio. I try to find quality materials that will appeal to babies, toddlers, children as well as mom and dad.


* Each item is made to order so there may be a delay of 1 to 2 weeks for tailoring due to the many orders I receive. A message will be sent to you when the order is complete. After the deadline, do not hesitate to write to me because there may be a longer delay.

* No refund will be allowed on personalized products.

** For any questions or special requests, write me in the Contact link or during payment in the comments box.

*** I make every effort to ensure that the color is as accurate as possible, but due to different screens and devices there may be a slight difference.

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 11 × 1.5 in

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