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Sauge & Co was born on a spring 2019 morning. Being an eco-friendly and animal-friendly person, I wanted to offer decorative and unique products that look like me, that are handmade, and this, from natural fibers. Since I’ve been a mom, I’ve always loved everything about childcare and children’s accessories and I’ve always loved decorating. So I combined my talents and interests to create the Sauge & Co products.

Natural fibers: I use linen and cotton for pillows, cotton for embroidery and rainbows.

Handmade: I make all the products on Sauge & Co that are made in my small studio perched at the top of my house.

Ecological:I use bags made of biodegradable 100 cornstarch bags for mailings in less than 6 months. As for my cushions, the gruff is made of recycled bottle fibers and organic cotton wrap.

Animal friend: As a vegetarian myself, I am very much at heart for the welfare of animals. That’s why no animal by-products will be found there. So no feather for custom pillows, but fiber from recycled bottles.

Katrine xx

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Eastman Québec Canada


  • Katrine Lafontaine

    I'm the founder of Sauge & Co and I love my job! I take care of orders, photos, making, mailings, emails, social networks and web pages.
  • Maurice Lafontaine

    Momo is the designer and Webmaster for the website. He likes to participate as a photographer.
  • The little Podlasiewicz

    My children!! They accompany me in my beautiful project by submitting their ideas to me, helping me in the orders and being my greatest sources of motivation.
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